Lieutenant Brian M. Baird

Joined the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office in 2001.
Originally from Keene, N.H.

Lieutenant Brian Baird, a licensed polygraph examiner, not only conducts polygraph examinations, but oversees the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office Polygraph Unit to ensure all examiners complete required training and licensing requirements. In addition, Lieutenant Baird supervises the Intelligence Unit which conducts a variety of in-depth research to aid in the resolution of criminal investigations and the identification of crime patterns and trends.

Lieutenant Baird began his career in law enforcement in Marine Corps Military Police. Eighteen months into that job, he was selected to become a Marine Criminal Investigator. After several years as a Marine Criminal Investigator. The Naval Investigative Service, now known as the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), recruited Lieutenant Baird to be a special agent. He remained with NCIS until his retirement from the Marine Corps.

Lieutenant Baird joined the Sheriff’s Office in December 2001 and has served in the following capacities: criminal investigator; supervisor of the Northern Investigations Section; polygraph examiner; and investigator for the Office of Professional Responsibility.

Military Service

  • United States Marine Corps

Career Highlights


  • U. S. Army Criminal Investigations School
  • U.S. Army Physical Security School
  • U. S. Army and U. S. Secret Service Protective Security Detail School
  • Polygraph School
  • Internal Affairs Institute National Certification


  • Received two Navy Achievement Medals, one for developing the Random Anti-terrorist Measures (RAMS), that has evolved and is still in use by the Marine Corps.
  • Assisted with numerous security details of American VIPS from Presidents, Commandants of U. S. Marines and other foreign services, various DOD personnel and other politicians.
  • While with NCIS, he deployed overseas in support or various Protective Details and operations in the Middle East.
  • While with Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office, he was recognized as the Rotary Club Officer of the year for saving a woman’s life after she was kidnapped out of Georgia and brought to Beaufort County.


  • Former President and Board Member of the South Carolina Association of Polygraph Examiners
  • Member of the South Carolina Association of Polygraph Examiners
  • Member of the American Association of Polygraph Examiners

Community Involvement

  • Disabled American Veterans Chapter 12
  • Parris Island Golf Association