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Registration for Fall 2022 Citizens Police Academy (CPA) now open

Registration Open for Fall CPA Program Registration for the Fall 2022 Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office Citizens Police Academy (CPA) is now open. An Informed Community is a Strong Community During the program, there are eight classroom sessions — one evening per week— where CPA participants learn about the many services the Sheriff’s Office provides, including […]

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Get to know the Sheriff's Office

The Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office, which includes the county’s Emergency Management Division, employs 340 people, including 245 sworn deputies and 95 support staff members. 

Meet Us Monday takes public behind the scenes

On Mondays, the Sheriff’s Office highlights one of our deputies or support staff personnel in “Day in the Life” style videos produced, filmed and edited by Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office staff.

Learn more about Meet Us Monday by clicking here.


Lowcountry Law On Air is a 30-minute televised series on the Beaufort County Channel. This is an opportunity for the Sheriff’s Office to utilize another program that reaches the public regarding law enforcement issues. Topics include crime prevention, public safety, cold case investigations, crime trends, traffic safety, coordination between municipalities and local, state and federal agencies, as well as emergency management services regarding hurricanes and storms.

Lowcountry Law: On Air can be accessed on The County Channel by clicking here or through the following providers and channels: 

  • Comcast Channel: 2
  • Hargray Channels: 9 and 10
  • Spectrum Channel: 1304


You can watch past episodes and learn more by clicking here.


Senior Citizen Crime Security and Safety

Senior citizens represent the most rapidly growing segment of the population in the United States. One in every eight American is currently age 65 or older, a total of more than 33.6 million. By year 2000, this number will increase to an estimated 35 million as baby boomers age and life expectancy increases.

By 2030, the number of senior citizens is expected to exceed 64 million in the U.S. Although national surveys indicate that senior citizens are the least victimized age group, they often exhibit the greatest fear of crime. This fear can at least partially be contributed to their fear of personal vulnerability.

Due to the natural consequences of aging, i.e., loss of hearing and/or eyesight along with other chronic and debilitating conditions, senior citizens perceive themselves as more vulnerable to physical injury if attacked. Senior citizens often live in isolation due to the loss of family members. They are also more likely to live in inner city neighborhoods that may have high crime rates.


New scam emerges related to Amazon purchases and the Anydesk Remove app

A scam has emerged where victims are asked to download an app to their mobile phones or other devices; in doing so they end up losing money. According to victims, they received text messages to their telephones advising they will be charged for an Amazon purchase. In the text, victims are provided with a toll-free […]

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68-year-old Okatie woman loses $3,000 in email scam

A 68-year-old Okatie resident reported to the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office she believed she was the victim of fraud. The woman said she received an email, from who she believed to be Norton Security, stating she had been fraudulently charged $400. The email directed her to call them immediately and it provided a phone number. […]

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The Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office works closely with local media to help keep the community up-to-date and informed about important safety issues and to raise awareness about Sheriff’s Office initiatives, public health concerns, such as drug overdoses, as well as potential threats to area, including major storms and criminal activity.

Our public information team responds promptly to all media inquiries and can help guide you to the resources needed for publication or broadcast.

To learn more about the Sheriff’s Office, visit our History page. 


Beaufort County Sheriff P.J. Tanner and the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office appreciate your partnership in the safety of our community.
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