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Forensic science and genealogy help identify 1995 murder victim as a Florida woman

After more than 27 years, through advanced DNA technology and genealogy research, the murder victim found on May 24, 1995, off Cotton Hall Road in Yemassee has been identified as Maria Telles-Gonzalez of Kissimmee, Florida. Case History On May 24, 1995, an employee from the South Carolina Highway Department discovered a deceased woman in a […]


Skeletal remains identified as missing Hilton Head Island woman

The skeletal remains found in the Victoria Bluff Heritage Preserve and Wildlife Management area in greater Bluffton on November 14, 2022, have been confirmed through dental records to belong to 61-year-old Brenda Kay Carman, who was reported missing in August. The cause of death has been deemed a homicide. Brenda Carman was reported as a […]

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Senior Citizen Crime Security and Safety

Senior citizens represent the most rapidly growing segment of the population in the United States. One in every eight American is currently age 65 or older, a total of more than 33.6 million. By year 2000, this number will increase to an estimated 35 million as baby boomers age and life expectancy increases.

By 2030, the number of senior citizens is expected to exceed 64 million in the U.S. Although national surveys indicate that senior citizens are the least victimized age group, they often exhibit the greatest fear of crime. This fear can at least partially be contributed to their fear of personal vulnerability.

Due to the natural consequences of aging, i.e., loss of hearing and/or eyesight along with other chronic and debilitating conditions, senior citizens perceive themselves as more vulnerable to physical injury if attacked. Senior citizens often live in isolation due to the loss of family members. They are also more likely to live in inner city neighborhoods that may have high crime rates.


Hilton Head Island woman loses more than $60,000 in scam

A Hilton Head Island woman lost more than $60,000 in a scam. At the end of last week, the woman received an email from who she believed to be the Geek Squad at Best Buy. The email stated her protection plan was going to renew and if she wished to cancel the renewal, she needed […]

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Hilton Head Island woman loses more than $100,000 in scam

A Hilton Head Island woman falls victim to a scam, losing $130,000. The woman reported to the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office she had hand delivered more than $100,000 to an individual who claimed to be a government agent. She had been scammed. The scam started with a phone call at the end of June. The […]

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The Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office works closely with local media to help keep the community up-to-date and informed about important safety issues and to raise awareness about Sheriff’s Office initiatives, public health concerns, such as drug overdoses, as well as potential threats to area, including major storms and criminal activity.

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