Forensic Services Laboratory

The Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office Forensic Services Laboratory primarily serves law enforcement agencies within Beaufort County, and when requested, provides assistance to agencies from surrounding counties. The Forensic Services Laboratory is accredited to international standards by the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB). The core responsibilities of the scientists are to evaluate and analyze evidence from criminal investigations, report results, and provide expert testimony in judicial proceedings. The laboratory consists of two sections:  Forensic Biology/DNA and Forensic Chemistry /Controlled Substances.

Forensic Chemistry Section

Scientists in the Forensic Chemistry Section use chemical and instrumental techniques to analyze evidence such as powders, solid materials, liquids, plant material, food items, pharmaceuticals, and materials from clandestine laboratories for the presence of controlled and dangerous substances. Scientists also assist in death investigations when poisoning or overdose is suspected.

Forensic Biology Section

Scientists in the Forensic Biology Section examine items of evidence for the presence of biological materials for comparison to victims and persons of interest. In cases when the identity of the perpetrator is unknown, the DNA profile from the evidence is searched against state and national databases of convicted offenders, arrestees, and crime scene evidence from other jurisdictions. When needed, scientists also assist the Coroner’s Office to identify human remains.