Leadership Team

Sheriff P.J. Tanner joined the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office in 1981, just three days after turning 21 — the minimum age at which one is eligible to become a deputy. 

He is now proudly serving his sixth term as Beaufort County’s chief law enforcement officer. 


Chief Deputy Michael M. Hatfield joined the Sheriff’s Office in 1974 as a deputy sheriff while attending Palmer College, where he majored in Police Administration.

He has served as chief deputy under Sheriff P.J. Tanner since Tanner was first elected in 1999. MORE

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Colonel Richard Roper

Colonel Richard Roper oversees the Criminal Warrant, Civil Process, Recruiting and Staffing, School Resource Officer, Community Resource Officer and Information Technology units. In addition, he is responsible for the Special Services, Evidence Management and Forensic Services Laboratory sections.  MORE

Major Bob Bromage

Public Information Officer and Cold Case Investigator

As Public Information Officer, or PIO, Major Bob Bromage’s duties include media and public relations, as well as overseeing social media and video production and hosting for “Lowcountry Law: On Air” on The County Channel. As the Cold Case Investigator he is charged with overseeing the investigation of Beaufort County’s unresolved homicides and missing person cases.  MORE 

Major Glenn Zanelotti

Administrative and Support Services

Major Glenn Zanelotti serves as the Administrative Division Major and currently oversees Accreditation and Policy, Civil Process and Warrant, Special Services, Recruiting and Staffing, and the Support Services sections.  MORE

Captain William Angelo

Recruiting, Staffing and Training

Captain William Angelo is the Headquarters Captain and supervises the Recruiting/Staffing Section, Training and Crime Prevention programs, as well as the Supply Manager.  MORE

Captain Matthew E. Averill

Accreditation Manager

Captain Matthew E. Averill is is responsible for maintaining the Sheriff’s Office’s accreditations through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, or CALEA.  MORE

Captain Alfredo H. Givens

Special Services and Juvenile Services

Captain Alfredo H. Givens oversees the Special Services Section and the daily operations of the Community Resource Officer, Courthouse Security, Juvenile Services and School Resource Officer units. Captain Givens is also the Sheriff’s Office liaison for the Beaufort County School District.  MORE

Captain Jacqueline D. LeGree

Evidence and Property Manager

Captain Jacqueline D. LeGree serves as the supervisor of the Evidence and Property Section for the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office. In this capacity, she oversees the receipt, identification, categorization and storage of all property collected and submitted by Sheriff’s Office personnel. MORE

Criminal Records and Civil Process, Judgments and Warrants

Captain Mark L. Mattox manages Criminal Records, Civil Process and Judgments, Warrants, Hilton Head Airport Security and the South Carolina Incident-Based Reporting System. He is also the Freedom of Information Act Compliance Officer for the Sheriff’s Office.  MORE

Lieutenant Brian M. Baird

Intelligence Unit Supervisor

Lieutenant Brian Baird, a licensed polygraph examiner, not only conducts polygraph examinations, but oversees the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office Polygraph Unit to ensure all examiners complete required training and licensing requirements. In addition, Lieutenant Baird supervises the Intelligence Unit which conducts a variety of in-depth research to aid in the resolution of criminal investigations and the identification of crime patterns and trends. MORE

Lieutenant Renita L. Berry

Forensic Services Laboratory Director

Lieutenant Renita L. Berry is Director of the Forensic Services Laboratory and a Forensic Chemist at the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office. She is responsible for the daily operations of the laboratory and activities of the staff. As a Forensic Chemist, she is responsible for the chemical analysis and identification of suspected illegal drugs and controlled and dangerous substances.  MORE

Lieutenant Todd Calhoun

General Sessions Coordinator

Lieutenant Todd Calhoun presents cases for indictment to the Grand Jury. He is also the acting liaison with the 14th Circuit Solicitor’s Office and assists the Special Services Commander in managing Court Security and Juvenile Services.  MORE

Lieutenant Angela Crumpton

Evidence and Property Section

Lieutenant Angela Crumpton is currently assigned as the assistant supervisor of the Evidence and Property Section. In this role, she assists in overseeing the receipt, identification, categorization and storage of all property collected and submitted by Sheriff’s Office personnel. MORE

Lieutenant Alan Langford

Support Services

Lieutenant Alan Langford supervises Support Services for the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office. In this role, he supports radio communications for deputies, civilian employees and dispatchers. He is responsible for the maintenance and support for the radio communication network, including the tower sites that enable radio communications among emergency services in Beaufort County.  MORE

Lieutenant Tom Vido

Civil Process and Warrants

Lieutenant Tom Vido supervises the daily operations of the Criminal Records, the Civil Process, and the Criminal Warrants sections. He oversees civilian personnel and deputies assigned to fulfill public record requests, serve civil processes, serve arrest warrants, extradition of wanted persons, the issuance of non-ferrous metal permits and the transportation of patients from hospitals to mental health facilities throughout the state.  MORE

Daniel F Gourley, II

General Counsel

Gourley served as an Assistant Attorney General for the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office from 2013-2016. During that time, Gourley handled all post-conviction relief matters for the 2nd and 3rd Judicial Circuit. While at the Attorney General’s office, Gourley conducted numerous evidentiary hearings in the South Carolina Circuit Courts and argued various appellate matters at the South Carolina Court of Appeals.  MORE

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Colonel Neil Baxley

Emergency Management Division Commander

Colonel Neil Baxley serves as Commander of the Emergency Management Division. He is responsible for Beaufort County’s 911 phone system, Central Communications Dispatch, Hazardous Material Program and Traffic Management Center. He is also the Aviation Unit Commander for the Sheriff’s Office.  MORE

Lieutenant Chuck Runnion

Logistics Officer

Lieutenant Chuck Runnion serves as Logistics Officer for the Emergency Management Division. When the Emergency Operations Center is fully activated in the event of a major storm or other hazardous situation, Lieutenant Runnion assumes responsibility as Beaufort County Logistics Chief.  MORE

Lieutenant Robert Tuten

Planning Officer

Lieutenant Robert Tuten is the planning officer and responsible for developing an Incident Action Plan for Natural Disasters and large security events. He also plans and develops training exercises that can include all first-responder agencies in the county. His other duties include overseeing the Traffic Management Center, assisting in firearms training and managing the 1033 Program.  MORE

Lieutenant Adam Zsamar

Communications Officer

Lieutenant Adam Zsamar manages the Communications Center (911 Dispatch), Criminal Justice Information Services/National Crime Information Center Office and E911 addressing and mapping office. He also coordinates the Sheriff’s Office’s Hazardous Materials program.  MORE

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Enforcement Division Commander

Colonel Allen Horton oversees the activities of all personnel assigned to the division.  MORE

Major James Bukoffsky

Northern Enforcement Branch Commander

Major James Bukoffsky is responsible for the daily operations of the Enforcement and Criminal Investigation sections. He also manages the Communications Center, which handles all the 911 calls and dispatches for five different disciplines.  MORE

Major Angela Viens

Southern Enforcement Branch Commander

Major Angela Viens oversees patrol and investigation operations in Southern Beaufort County, which includes areas south of the Broad River. She also oversees the Special Operations Section of the Sheriff’s Office.  MORE

Captain Kyle Blackmon

Special Operations

Captain Kyle Blackmon oversees the Sheriff’s Office’s Violent Crimes Task Force, Bloodhound Tracking Team and SWAT Team.  MORE

Captain Scott Johnson

Special Operations

Captain Scott Johnson serves as commander of the Bomb Squad, Dive Team, Marine Patrol and Environmental Crimes units, for which he manages the daily operations, training and response. Captain Johnson is also the Office of Homeland Security Grant Project Director and Weapons of Mass Destruction Coordinator for the Sheriff’s Office.  MORE

Captain Jeff Purdy

Northern Enforcement Branch Captain

Captain Jeff Purdy is the Branch Captain of the Northern Enforcement Branch for the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office. His responsibilities include managing the Northern Beaufort County Uniform Patrol Section, Criminal Investigations Section, Victim Advocacy Program, the Crime Scene Unit and the Sex Offender Registry.  MORE

Lieutenant Brian Chapman

Northern Investigations

Lieutenant Brian Chapman serves with the Northern Investigations Section of the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office, which includes Investigations, the Sex Offender Registry, Victim’s Advocates, as well as the Sheriff’s Office’s Crime Scene Unit. Lieutenant Chapman also is an investigator with our Office of Professional Responsibility and works in the Emergency Management Division’s Emergency Operations Center during county-wide emergencies.  MORE

Lieutenant Andrew P. Faucett

Southern Enforcement Branch Lieutenant

Lieutenant Andrew P. Faucett is responsible for the daily operations of the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office’s four Southern Enforcement Branch patrol shifts.  MORE

Lieutenant Andres F. Florencio

Southern Investigations

Lieutenant Andres F. Florencio  is responsible for planning, coordinating, supervising and the administration of the daily activities of assigned personnel. He provides managerial guidance and oversight for both criminal investigators and victim’s advocates. As a Spanish translator, Lieutenant Florencio assists patrol deputies, criminal investigators, drug investigators and federal agents during various types of calls for service and investigations.  MORE

Lieutenant Chris Sankowski

Violent Crimes Task Force Supervisor

Lieutenant Chris Sankowski  oversees the Violent Crimes Task Force mission, which is to apprehend violent offenders and reduce violent crimes within Beaufort County. He is also responsible for managing civil asset forfeitures.  MORE