Security Camera Registry

Help solve crime by listing home and business cameras

As the quality and availability of home and business security has vastly improved over the years, cameras have become an invaluable tool in solving crime.

Law enforcement agencies and prosecutors routinely and successfully use security camera footage supplied by residents and businesses to identify offenders and, ultimately, hold the offenders accountable for their crimes.

Should a crime occur at or near your home or business, and to help us readily identify locations of cameras to find those responsible, we invite Beaufort County residents and businesses to register their security cameras with us.

Participating in this program in no way allows us to access your video system without your permission.

When criminal or suspicious activity occurs and your security camera may have captured footage useful in the investigation, you will be contacted by a member of the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office to obtain access.

Information you provide is for law enforcement use only and will not be shared.