Lieutenant Adam Zsamar

Joined the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office in 2006.
Originally from Collingswood, N.J.

Lieutenant Adam Zsamar currently serves in the Emergency Management Division of the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office. His responsibilities include managing the Communications Center (911 Dispatch), Criminal Justice Information Services/National Crime Information Center Office and E911 addressing and mapping office. He also coordinates the Sheriff’s Office’s Hazardous Materials program. Additionally, Lieutenant Zsamar assists the Emergency Management Division Commander with planning, mitigation, preparation, response and recovery for emergency events both natural and man-made. When Beaufort County declares an emergency event, Lieutenant Zsamar serves as the county’s Emergency Operations Officer and manages the Emergency Operations Center.

Lieutenant Zsamar started with the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office in 2006 as a Patrol Deputy and was assigned to the Southern Enforcement Branch. In 2011, he was assigned to the Northern Investigations Section, where he conducted investigations ranging from financial crimes to homicides. Lieutenant Zsamar briefly served as a Patrol Shift Supervisor before being reassigned as a Supervisor of the Northern Investigation Section. In 2018, he was reassigned to supervise the Sheriff’s Office’s Drug Team, which evolved into the Beaufort County Violent Crimes Task Force. Two years later, he was promoted to a Lieutenant in the Emergency Management Division as the Operations and Communications Officer.


  • University of Cincinnati
    Master of Science in Criminal Justice
  • Rutgers University
    Bachelor of Science in Political Science

Career Highlights


  • FBI Carolina Command College