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Proudly Serving the Citizens of Beaufort County, South Carolina

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Subject in theft, possible assault of Rose Hill woman shot and killed during armed confrontation with Savannah Police

Tuesday night, Dec. 21, 2021, Shawn Martin, 45, of Bluffton — wanted in connection with vehicle and credit card thefts from a woman in Rose Hill — was shot and killed during an armed confrontation with Savannah Police officers.

Case History

Friday, Dec. 17, a caller requested Sheriff’s Office deputies and Beaufort County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) respond to a Rose Hill residence (Bluffton) and check on a 60-year-old woman.

At the residence, the woman indicated that she was not in need of medical attention.

The following afternoon, Saturday, Dec. 18, the same caller requested Sheriff’s Office deputies and EMS check on the woman again, as she appeared disoriented and advised the caller her head hurt.

When deputies and EMS personnel arrived, it was clear the woman had sustained head injuries and was transported to Savannah Memorial Hospital for treatment.

The woman was admitted to the trauma unit for head injuries, the cause of which were not, and are still not, known.

In speaking with the woman, deputies learned that her vehicle (BMW X1) and her credit cards were missing.

The vehicle was listed in the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) as stolen and her credit card activity was monitored.

Saturday night, investigators learned from the woman that one of her credit cards was used fraudulently at the Kroger store in Bluffton on Wednesday, Dec. 15.

After the first fraudulent purchase on the woman’s credit card was revealed, multiple purchases were identified in the Savannah, Georgia area.

Sheriff’s Office investigators alerted the Savannah Police Department and its surrounding jurisdictions of the theft of the woman’s BMW and her credit cards.


Sheriff’s Office investigators obtained video footage from the Bluffton Kroger and Savannah retail stores and were able to identify the subject in the fraudulent credit card purchases as 45-year-old Shawn Martin of Bluffton.

Tuesday afternoon, Dec. 21, investigators met with a Beaufort County magistrate and obtained two warrants for Martin, who lived next door to the woman in Rose Hill, in connection with the theft and fraudulent purchase at the Bluffton Kroger.

Martin was listed in the NCIC as wanted for Financial Transaction Card Theft and Financial Transaction Card Fraud.

Tuesday night, Dec. 21, Savannah Police officers conducted a traffic stop on the woman’s stolen BMW; Martin was not in the vehicle.

During the traffic stop, Savannah Police officers learned that Martin was at a residence on Vassar Street in Savannah.

Savannah Police officers went to the residence to locate Martin.

At the Vassar Street residence, Savannah Police officers found Martin and shot him during an armed confrontation.

Following the shooting, Martin was transported to Savannah Memorial, where he later died as a result of the wounds.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is looking into the officer involved shooting.

Condition of the Injured Woman

As of Wednesday, Dec. 22, the woman remains in the Savannah Memorial Hospital recovering from her injuries.

Status of the Investigation

Sheriff’s Office investigators continue to look into the cause of the woman’s head injuries. It is suspected that her injuries are as a result of an assault.